Aaaaaaand springtime!

It was a super hard winter, It was hard on everyone I have spoken to. I am so grateful to all of the friends that have propped me up during a really hard transition to The Temple of the Cosmic Mothership. To answer some of your questions publicly…

Yes we became a church, I am now a minister, and we will be having regular “meetings” at regular times once we have a proper Certificate of Occupancy.

No this Mothership is not religious, nor is it non-religious, it just is what is meant to be and it grows and shrinks as people help and hinder it.

We need help from the community.. The calendar days and times are posed on this site for volunteer work. Anything you do is appreciated and some of our needs are as follows.

-Helping to make an ADA compliant bathroom
-Helping with planting and weeding in the garden.
-Planning and promoting community events.

Our email has changed to

Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

Rev Heide Trepanier

Looking for new artists to share space.

We are looking for a 4th artist to share space at LoveBomb. The rent is super affordable and the benefits include us of woodworking/powertools. Use of the stages inside and out, free special events which may include everything from craft fairs to birthday parties, and a community kitchen. This artist can be any type from theater/drama troupes to blacksmiths.

We are looking for someone who believes in the power of community and is willing to spend a little time with work sharing. This can be in the form of sweeping, gardening and making lunch to basic building maintenance.

Please contact Heide at for more details.


LoveBomb updates

The City of Richmond is following up on a complaint that was filed “several years ago”. The initial compliance officer that called, asked us to remove all commercial vehicles off of the property. Since we did not have any commercial vehicles on the property, this gave them clearance to check up on us. Their tune changed when they “caught us” with a recreational vehicle on the property. They then forced us to remove that vehicle and have been actively checking up on us. Among other things, they have been forcing our landlord to take out a building permit to make the changes at their request. As of now those changes include a handicapped accessible bathroom (totally fine with us) and other changes at will.

We have completed the 501c3 paperwork to submit as a non-profit and will be continuing to forge ahead with plans of becoming a vital part of our community.

Thank you to all of you that have been supportive during this time.

As fun events and gatherings happen at LoveBomb we will keep you informed and will not be shutting down anytime soon!

Free School, MakerFest and C3

Things are starting to pick up around LoveBomb, the fall is creeping its way into the color of the leaves and into our minds, school has started, the evenings are getting cooler, and our schedule is getting full.

There are a few events that will be promoting LoveBomb taking place soon:

The RVA MakersFest is allowing us to have a booth at their event September 27th, from 9:00am. to 5:00pm. this event will take place at the Science Museum of Virginia. The best part about all of this is the event is free, as is the admission to the museum! We are planning a full day of nonsense and tom-foolery beginning with mud pie making and ending with a pop up Wizard Store. Special guests will include several of LoveBomb’s past studio mates and all current residents.

The next event will be Heide discussing LoveBomb at C3. This event is also free to the public.

There is an exhibition at Second Street gallery in Charlottesville titled You Are Surrounded. Artists Sarah Yoder, Warren Craighead and Heide Trepanier will be exhibiting and speaking about their work in relation to the balance of creativity, community involvement and parenting. This exhibition opens October 3rd from 6 to 8pm.

The next item to mention is FREE SCHOOL and by free, we mean free.  Sign up and sign the contract for the evening, get free Figure Drawing model, free materials and free instruction. How do we do it?

Everyone is good at something, and we are in search of people who desire to teach a class at what they are good at. The rear gallery and LoveBomb are offering a free eclectic menu of classes to the public. Wednesday’s 6 to 8pm (you don’t have to teach for that long). If you are interested, please email us at